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A successful commercial contract allows two or more parties to align their interests and generate long-term value for all parties to the transaction. Blaier Law LLC plays an essential role in ensuring parties do not inadvertently revert to a “zero-sum” mindset during negotiations and lose sight of this fundamental objective.

Clients choose Blaier Law LLC to benefit from the firm's ability to quickly understand the client's business, as well as Blaier Law LLC's previous experience and ability to engage, document and negotiate a deal that meets clients' objectives and appropriately mitigates their risk. Blaier Law LLC helps clients negotiate and agree to commercial contracts that are robust, pragmatic, workable, and lay the best foundations for a successful outcome. We advise on the full spectrum of commercial contracts including technology contracts, third-party agreements, and the sale of goods and services.

Blaier Law LLC understands that no matter how good the idea, many complex commercial collaborations will never come to fruition because they become bogged down by any number of technical, legal, regulatory, financial, commercial, or operational issues. It is therefore critical that the client has a legal team that is experienced and focused on resolving those issues to help drive the collaboration to a successful outcome.

Blaier Law LLC tailors the firm's support to clients' needs and budget while ensuring clients always have the benefit of Blaier Law LLC's market experience. Blaier Law LLC aligns itself with the client's business, and function as an extension of the client's in-house legal team to deliver practical solutions to complex transactions, efficiently.

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