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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

Your Most Valuable Asset

At Blaier Law LLC, we attend to not only your immediate intellectual property needs but also work with you to devise a long-term IP portfolio-building strategy. Blaier Law LLC understands you are passionate about your work. So are we. Our practice is devoted to the transactional aspects of intellectual property rights in areas that include; registration and online enforcement of trademarks; registration and online enforcement of copyrightable works; portfolio management; technology and license agreements, including website privacy policies, end user license agreements, and agreements relating to cloud computing; and trade secrets and non‐disclosure agreements.

The quality of our work stems from our broad experience and passion for intellectual property. Our attorney has experience in a variety of industries including software/applications, renewable energy, information technology, internet of things, (IoT) telecommunications, merchandise, retail, fashion, and more, giving our attorney the ability to understand a broad range of topics. This broad experience allows us to tackle technologies that may require knowledge of multiple fields. Blaier Law LLC takes the time to listen to our clients' objectives and provide them with economically sensible approaches to achieve their goals.

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Whether you need legal advice for your startup or small business, desire to protect your intellectual property, want a certain contract drafted, or need to meet the right people, Blaier Law LLC can provide effective legal counsel for all of your legal needs. Give us a call today at 848-243-1148 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.