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Flat Fee Startup Packages

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All you need to succeed

Blaier Law LLC offers several transparent, flat fee, packages for startups to help them hit the ground running. Having an attorney properly handle the corporate formation of your entity and important founder agreements today, could prevent costly litigation in the future. To purchase one of our startup packages, please click the secure payment link here, and our attorney will contact you for next steps.

Silver ($1,750):

  • One (1) hour consultation with our attorney. 
  • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Certificate of Formation (LLC). 
  • Minute book including Bylaws (corporation) and initial board resolutions and issuance of stock/membership interests to founders.
  • Form Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement for use with a variety of business relationships.
  • Basic founder Shareholder Agreement (corporation) or Founder Operating Agreement (LLC) (right of first refusal, drag-along rights, confidentiality).
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Gold ($2,750): 

Includes Silver items plus:

  • An additional one (1) hour consultation with our attorney.
  • Confidential Information and IP Assignment Agreement (CIIAA) (assignment of IP, confidentiality, non-solicit and non-compete) for Founders.
  • Incentive Equity Plan (grants of options and restricted stock/units for employees or directors, officers, and consultants) and related grant documents.
  • At-Will Employee Offer Letter.

Diamond ($3,750): 

Includes Gold items plus:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • Employee Agreements for non-executive employees. 
  • Trademark search and registration (for one class of goods).
  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

*Packages may be subject to standard government filing fees. 

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