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As a growing startup, your prospects are exciting and your challenges are unique – from securing funding, protecting IP, and navigating the regulatory environment, to differentiating yourself in the marketplace, managing customer acquisition and scaling your business. Blaier Law LLC gets it; multiple challenges on every front. 

For startups all sizes, the pace, and pressure can be relentless: create, innovate, pivot, revise, compete, survive, grow, thrive. As a Startup and Technology Attorney, solo law firm, and entrepreneurial endeavor, Blaier Law LLC shares your entrepreneurial spirit. We partner with you as your personal Startup Attorney and foster a lasting relationship to grow your business and realize your potential more effectively – with a combination of legal experience and business savvy that can scale with management teams from the earliest stages of development through a mature public company.

As a Startup and Technology Attorney, we support clients at all stages of the corporate life cycle, including: (1) legal and business advisory; (2) company formation; (3) IP and confidential information protection; (4) licensing and commercial agreements; (5) venture financing; (6) regulatory matters and more.

What makes Blaier Law LLC different from the top-tier law firms and other Attorneys for Startups, and why should you work with us to bring your startup to life? The service you receive is personal, flexible, and cost-effective. Blaier Law LLC is a one-person enterprise; no bureaucracy or waiting for an attorney to call you back. Blaier Law LLC's prices are transparent and we work with our startup clients to find the optimal payment options that work within their budget; whether it's equity, a discounted hourly retainer, or flat fees.     

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