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Third-party Agreements

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Employees & Independent Contractors

When drafting and negotiating contracts for employees, independent contractors, software developers, or the like, it's important to keep in mind that internal theft of trade secrets, confidential information, and a company's intellectual property (IP) are huge and unsuspected problems for many startups and businesses. The best way to protect yourself from these threats is strong and protective language in your agreements to deter bad actors from engaging in this behavior. 

Our attorney is capable of developing and negotiating employment contracts, software development agreements, independent contractor, and outsourcing contracts that protect the interests of our clients. These contracts often contain terms outlining the rights and obligations of the parties, the scope of the work, payment terms, IP ownership for these respective parties, and more. A strong employment contract, software development agreement, independent contractor agreement, or outsourcing contract are all intelligent ways to head off disputes that might arise down the road, and it can help businesses avoid unnecessary litigation.

Unfortunately, many businesses may not have the internal capability or the foresight to devote resources toward protecting their themselves from employees, independent contractors or outsourced workers. Because contracts might differ greatly depending on the business involved, it is important to hire an attorney that can create a customized agreement based on each client's needs. These additionally, software development agreements can cover terms such as a transfer of copyright from the developer to the client and address the “work made for hire” doctrine.

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